Dani Bennett FCA Managing Director

Dani Bennett

Managing Director

Dani founded Nimbus in 2016 as the Director and a Chartered Accountant and is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

It was a long and circuitous route to this point in her career involving training with Deloitte, working as a chalet girl, hotel manager, running a bar and a property company in the French Alps, plus working for a number of local small accounting firms.

It was through the desire to combine her accountancy skills with her business and relationship skills, gained in the hospitality industry, which made Dani want to set up her own practice. She also wanted to embrace technology changes in the accounting world which Dani didn’t feel were necessarily being adopted at speed by existing practices.

Apart from having her two boys Dani is most proud of taking the leap to set up Nimbus. Dani loves working with her great team and the flexibility the company offers them and her clients. “It is very rewarding when clients are grateful for our help, whether it be with a loan application or helping recover tax.”

When not working Dani enjoys swimming in the sea, running and cooking, and one day would like to improve her Italian.