Online payroll portal & extended eligibility for Guernsey Business Support Scheme

Online payroll portal

Local businesses applying for payroll support through the Business Support Scheme for any period from 4th May, can now submit claims through a new online

It goes through similar questions asked on the old Excel forms but will also ask about actual income for the week/month (depending on payroll frequency) and will make a comparison to the same period in the previous year.

There is no need to re-submit any payroll claims for any period from 4th May via the new portal for those already submitted via the old Excel forms.

This online portal has been introduced so that the right amount of support can be claimed. If your income is 40% of ‘normal’ levels then 100% support is available, if between 40% and 70% then 80% minimum wage support is available.

  • If your business has already submitted a ‘Business Support Set Up Form’, visit the new portal – to complete your payroll claims for each period (weekly/monthly).
  • If your business has NOT already submitted a ‘Business Support Set Up Form’, you need to first complete and submit yours using a downloadable form – Businesses will only need to complete this form once and then use the online portal for subsequent payroll claims.


Extended eligibility criteria

The introduction of extended eligibility criteria will help provide funding for certain businesses that were narrowly falling short of the original criteria. These include:

  • Businesses employing up to 20 people, as at 16th March 2020, can now claim a small business grant. (Previous limit was 10 employees incl. business owner).
  • Operations with multiple businesses can now make separate claims for each business that operates in a different economic sector.
  • Businesses that commenced trading between 1st September and 1st December 2019 are eligible for support if they can clearly demonstrate that they are firmly established and financially viable. Copies of business bank accounts from when they commenced trading to date, together with management accounts, if available, need to be emailed to business support to demonstrate turnover and profitability. (Previously, businesses that had only started trading prior to 1st September were eligible).
  • Eligibility for the small business grant will be extended to loss making/minimal profit businesses, where they are able to demonstrate that the business is financially viable. Businesses will be required to submit copies of their business bank accounts for the last 6 months, together with management accounts if these are available, to demonstrate turnover and profitability.
  • Small bookkeeping accounting operations serving the domestic market will be eligible for support if they can demonstrate a significant impact on business turnover, at least 75% of their business is in relation to local residents and/or domestic businesses outside the finance sector, they employ 5 people or fewer, if self-employed, are not affiliated with a business employing more than 5

You can access details of the payroll scheme itself online here:

Our team are more than happy to chat with our existing clients and any businesses seeking support during this worrying time.

Please email [email protected] or phone 01481 234438.